A Heartfelt Thank You to:

Yorkdale School (Principal, Morley Maier, Vice-Principal, Phil Johnsrud) for again generously providing rehearsal space and making it possible for us to perform community theatre! Special thanks for the use of Yorkdale's Clavinova for the show

Cornerstone Credit Union, for generously donating construction space for our sets

Les Herauf, Grant Neil, Shirley Huziak, Joan Wilson, Garth Glauser, and the rest of the Prop Shop Crew for 1000's of hours of volunteer service with stage sets!

Tammy Sullivan Kostersky, for hours of time and talent as our choreographer

Gayle Wentland, Pat Hansen & Carol Tamblyn, faithful assistants at every rehearsal

Shani Apland, accomplished pianist

Special Thanks to Colleen Martin, for her expert assistance & extra help with choreography

Heather Brown, Beverley Shore and Rita Hilbig, for their many extra cast responsibilities

Peter Whitehead and Larry Wentland, for sound extraordinaire

CTV Yorkton, for equipment, facilities and technical services

Cortland Guse , for lighting us up so beautifully

John Anaka, Freedom Sound

Bev Tatarniuk, Shirley Huziak, Debbie Quinn and Karen Muir

Laurie Renton and the staff of LR Future Insurance, for their support and assistance with our box office

Carol Tamblyn, Preceptor Eta Beta Sigma Phi, for distributing tabletop promotional materials

Grant Neil, for use of tools at the prop shop

Dave Legge, Brayden Ferris, for welding

Ernie Aniuk, for the loan of Annie’s authentic replica gun
David Booth Taxidermy (Slave Lake, Alta), for Annie’s birds

Yorkton Regional High School - Zian Nowosad (Principal), Wayne Zelinski,
Music and Drama Departments

Mark Dunlop, for extra time & assistance in theatre preparations & for the fireworks special effects

Dave McVey, theatre announcements

Jeff Flett - Northern Auto Leasing, for the use of vans to move scenery

Bernie Wlock, for storage space for our ever growing cache of scenery

K.W. Men's Wear, for vests for the orchestra

Nick Hrebenik, for donating the weathervane


And to the cast for props, cookies and many other duties, to the families of cast and crew and the parents of the children in the show for your endless patience and support, and to all who have assisted in a million ways! You know who you are.